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Site and Technology Transfers

Finding Your Steps to an Optimal Development Process

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has over three decades of experience in providing technology and site transfers to support sourcing strategies. Whether your organization is strategically outsourcing its pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, transitioning later-stage clinical trial materials from your CRO or looking for a highly specialized capability, we’re here to help.


USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science site and technology transfers draw on capabilities and expertise from across our organization. Our comprehensive understanding of pre-formulation and formulation development and optimization is integrated with our analytical validation expertise, and our site and technology transfer services team works closely with its peers in other units to ensure a smooth transition and avoid potential regulatory setbacks.

Site and technology transfers handled by USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science benefit from extensive experience scaling up production from pilot phase, through clinical trial manufacturing and into commercialization. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science teams consistently focus on critical steps such as process evaluation, adaptation and optimization.

Experience Matters

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science experienced team of formulation scientists turn concepts into reality. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has the technical expertise to develop and manufacture various topical dosage forms formulating pharmaceutical (including NDAs, ANDAs, and 510(k)s), over-the-counter (OTC) and cosmetic creams, ointments, lotions, gels, solutions, suspensions, etc. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is looking for opportunities to partner with established pharmaceutical companies seeking a capable development and manufacturing resource. Whether replicating an existing formula or designing a product to a customer’s proposed specifications, our formulators meticulously develop stable reproducible formulas.

Package Design

We also assist customers in package design and selection, drawing on our vast expertise in Pharmaceutical and Sports Nutrition products. Paying special attention to the product’s intended use and target audience, we identify the appropriate container and secondary packaging for the selected market: OTC, prescription drug, or Sports Nutrition.