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USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science consists of four state of the art facilities, two outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and two outside Atlanta, Ga.. The first of the Pennsylvania facilities is a 135,000 square foot ultra modern facility for the manufacturing and packaging of solid dose products, powders, liquids, and creams complete with labs for Quality Control (QC) and Research & Development (R&D). The second building is a 70,000 square foot manufacturing and packaging plant for high speed beverages and other RTD products, also complete with QC and R&D labs.

USA Pharmaceuticals The first of our Atlanta facilities is a 62,000+ square foot solid dose and powder manufacturing and packaging facility with innovative high velocity equipment that also houses USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science corporate offices. This facility also includes laboratory space for QC and R&D. The second building is a 40,000+ square foot manufacturing and packaging plant for high speed solid-dose and powders products, also complete with a QC department. The third building is 84,000+ square feet, and houses the, as well as a state of the art distribution facility with the most advanced automated shipping systems.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science operates four state-of-the-art facilities. At over 400,000 square feet, our manufacturing facilities is one of the largest facilities in the industry focused on capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, beverages, and OTC products, with “unsupassed GMP” quality. Our main facility in Pennsylvania is expanding its QA/QC laboratory to over 17,000 square feet that will feature an expanded array of testing equipment, and a world-class flavor lab. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science broad geographic footprint, four state-of-the-art facilities, and highly flexible manufacturing operations allows for the fulfillment of both large and small, custom orders.

USA Pharmaceuticals Whether in Pennsylvania or Georgia, the production work we do for you takes place in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility. Every inch of each our facilities was designed and built to efficiently produce your products at the best prices possible. From receiving raw materials, weighing and blending, our individually built tablet and capsules suites, and our built to suit tablet, capsule, powder, and liquid bottling areas are custom built to package your formulation. Multiple lines enable full scalability and all manufacturing, R&D and administrative functions are housed under one roof in both our main Georgia and Pennsylvania facilities, resulting in immediate attention to your every need.

Whether your formulation is delivered as a capsule, tablet, liquid, beverage, energy shot, cream or single-serving of powder, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science can accommodate your needs. Our packaging expertise includes bottling, cartoning, blistering and packeting. Our production experts and packaging experts are on hand to develop the ideal solution for your products.