Laboratory Graphic

Proud of the Past – Enthralled on the Future

1979   Clifford Kerstetter founded Valley Run Pharmaceuticals Corp. on Treaster Valley Run Road in Milroy, PA with approximately 40 employee in a 80,000 square foot facility. 1980 Landed a large government contract for enteric coated Aspirin and broke$3,000,000 in annual sales.
1985   Name changed to Nittany Pharmaceuticals and locates its employees to a 60,000 square foot facility at 5135 Old US Highway322 in Reedsville, PA.
1986   Adds an in-house laboratory for testing of raw materials and finished product.
1991   Builds an additional 10,000 square feet at and adds a printing facility and graphics design department to it operation.
1998   Georgia marketing operations began as a separate entity and begins having Nittany Pharmaceuticals manufacture its sports nutrition products and attains $3,000,000 in annual sales for the first year.
2003   Nittany Produced first Prescription drug product and attains $10,000,000 in annual contract manufacturing sales. Meanwhile, the Georgia operations breaks $25,000,0000 in annual sales.
2005   Georgia opens up a beautiful new 13,000 square foot office space and bought former Synergy Nutrition in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and moved the equipment to newly renovated manufacturing facility in Georgia adding an additional 15,000 square of tablet and capsule production – including state-of-the art bottling line for solid dose tablets and capsules. Total expansion 28,000 square feet.
2008   Bought former Dean Foods liquid facility adding an additional 70,000 square feet in Belleville, PA – adding state-of-the art automated bottling operations for hot and cold-filled beverages. Georgia facility adds an additional 15,000 square feet of warehousing.
2010   Georgia facility expands 26,000 square feet of addition manufacturing capacity and installs 2 lines in a new state-of- the art powder filling operation for small to large powder jugs. Georgia facility also adds 2 blister packing machines— 2 tablet pouching machines— and an addition high speed bottling line for tablets and capsules.
2011   Georgia division opens a second manufacturing facility after Steiffel labs is bought by Glaxo. This state-of- the-art facility adds 42,000 square foot of capacity for solid dose blending, production, and packaging. The two facilities in Pennsylvaina now totals 205,000 square feet and Georgia's (2) facilities now total 69,000 square feet. The expansion also creates a state-of- the art powder filling operation for stick packs and pouches. Georgia facility also adds 5 more high speed encapsulators.
2012   Sales exceed $40,000,000 for Georgia facility and it purchases Pennsylvania facility keeping the founder —Clifford Kerstetter as Vice-President of Opeations. The combined entity consolidates under the USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science manufacturing banner.
2013   Georgia facility opens new 84,000 square foot warehouse facility due to growing powder business and need to expand overall operations. Sales exceed $50,000,000. Pennsylvania begins expansion of its OTC pharmaceutical operations adding 30,000 square feet making it of the most advanced facilities of its kind for OTC production.
2014   Sales exceed $60,000,000O and state-of-the-art OTC pharmaceutical operations is completed opening up additional capacity to increase market share in OTC's. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science commissions its original Georgia facility adding an additional 15,000 square feet for R&D and granulation expanding Georgia operations to 188,000 total square feet. The Georgia facility also acquired another new bottling line for tablets and capsules.
2015   USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science constructs a 3rd line at its original Georgia facility for another state-of- the art powder filling operation for jugs as powder business continues to grow due to many contract customers wanting to get their tablets, capsules, blister packs, tablet/capsule and powder pouches all from one facility. USA commissions its Pennsylvania facility adding an additional equipment for R&D, blending, tableting, encapsulation, granulation, and packaging for growth. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science establishes itself as a global company with the start of operations at its (2) R&D facilities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang China, bringing total square feet to over 435,000 square feet. Employee count exceeds 500 and sales are expected to exceed $100 million. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has drawings made to expand on two acres of land and constructs an additional 65,000 square foot facility at Reedsville, Pennsylvania plant. This will bring the total square footage to over 500,000 once completed. Revenue expected to surpass $100 million.