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Contract Manufacturing

Do you already have a great formula, but need help producing it in the quantity and consistency that you require?

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has over 36 years of experience in contract manufacturing and can meet all of your manufacturing requirements.

Our state-of-the-art facility is FDA registered and holds a drug manufacturing license issued by the state of Pennsylvania. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science also holds many more independent certifications and audits for cGMPs than virtually any other contract manufacturer in the United States.

As one of the largest solid-dose and powder manufacturer in the US, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science can produce:

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science searches the globe for the best raw materials and ingredients, we guarantee you that all your products will be manufactured in the USA. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science also guarantees you one of the shortest order lead times in the industry, as well as packaging services. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has the most diverse arsenal of manufacturing equipment in the industry, which allows us to be a one-stop-shop for all your production needs.

Custom Formulation and Product Development

We offer custom formulations to our customers to help you develop the product of your dream with the help of our experienced R&D staff. To further accommodate your needs we will be by your side to develop a new product from scratch.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of solid dose, over-the-counter (OTC) nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. For over 36 years, we have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality products, outstanding service and product innovation.

What sets USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science apart from other contract manufacturers? We believe it is our employees. From our lab chemists who consistently test every batch of product, our production workers who take genuine pride in their work, to our customer service reps who are dedicated to serving your business. There is a commitment to quality in every department at USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science.

Producing quality products with consistency and uniformity has been a major factor in making USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science an industry leader in Sports Supplements and OTC Pharmaceuticals.

National Brand Equivalent
Besides custom formulations, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has a strong history of supplying National Brand Equivalent (NBE) and basic vitamin and nutritional products to our valued customers in different trade classes. Our products can be found on the shelves of most major retailers throughout the United States. Like most of our items, these formulations can be provided in either bulk or in bottled / blistered form.

Export Specialists
With our products in over 50 nations, our team of experts will assist you with the necessary paperwork and documentation to help you expand your business around the world. We are familiar with Certificates of Free Sale, Dossier Creation and other documents required to make your product registration a success, and can help formulate products which will consider local laws and regulations to ensure easy introduction to the marketplace.

Tablets Capsules Modified release tablets and capsules
Uncoated tablets Certified BSE-Free gelatin capsules Extended release tablets and capsules
Film-coated tablets Non-Gelatin capsules Delayed release tablets and capsules
Enteric-coated tablets Veggie capsules Long acting tablets and capsules
Sugar-coated tablets Colored capsules Bi-Layer tablets
  Kosher certified capsules  


Manufacturing is the heart and soul of what we do every day. Currently, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science produces more than 1000 formulas for a growing number of national and international customers, strictly adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and maintaining full documentation, as federally mandated for all manufacturers in our category. Unlike other firms, however, we perform all facets of the manufacturing process in-house, from Pharmacy and Compression to Coating and Encapsulation, which affords us unparalleled control over quality.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is one of the largest full-service developers and manufacturers in the nutrition and pharmaceuticals industries, with facilities in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Since 1979, we have been developing, producing, and packaging capsule, tablet, liquids, creams and powder products for a variety of customers in the United States and internationally. Over this 36-year history, we have consistently offered the highest quality products while continuously expanding our service offering. Today, our extensive array of services and capabilities combined with our large scale capacity and single-minded focus on customer brands offer a one-stop solution that very few industry competitors can match.

Our product portfolio is comprised of OTC and Rx Pharmaceuticals, sports nutrition, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics, beverages, and general wellness products for branded customers selling through mass market retail, Sports supplement stores, internet, multi-level marketing (MLM), mail order, healthcare practitioners, as well as health food and specialty retailers.