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Overview of USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science

Founded in 1979, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science spans the globe with a manufacturing imprint of over 400,000 sq. ft. within its four United States cGMP certified and US FDA audited facilities . USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science Limited also operates multiple state-of-the-art API facilities located in China. They operate with the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. The facilities are certified by many global regulatory bodies. Our research and development (R&D) facilities around China, with a workforce of more than 200 scientists, relentlessly innovate technologies to develop API’s, Nutraceuticals, and Botanical extracts.

With a global team of over 500 professionals, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has earned the reputation of being a leader in quality, consistency, and innovation among its peers. Accordingly, the company specializes in the extraction and granulation of botanical extracts, amino acids, triturated vitamins and minerals, and specialty products. In combination with a full range of processing technology such as high-shear granulators, planetary mixers, and fluid-bed dryers, USA Pharmaceuticals’ production teams are experts at processing the most unique of nutritional ingredients and hard to manufacture OTC products. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has attained leading positions in key international markets through its wide array of dosage forms and delivery systems, significant manufacturing capacity, global commercial scale and a committed focus on quality and customer service. The company ranks among the top solid dosage form dietary supplement and OTC generic manufacturers in several markets around the world and has among the largest capacity of U.S.-based manufacturers.

Dosage Form   Annual Capacity
Capsule (Powder & Hard Gelatin)   10,000,000,000 Cap
Capsule (Pellets)   1,000,000,000 Cap
Capsule (liquids)   1,000,000,000 Cap
Bi-layered Tablet   10,000,000,000 Tablets
Tablets (total)   35,000,000,000 Tablets

On an annual basis, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science can manufacture over 35 billion tablets and 10 billion capsules as one of the leading solid dose manufacturers in the United States. USA Pharmaceuticals can also package over 250 million blister packs and 150 million pacquettes. We also have high speed shot lines that will produce 400 shots per minute or 500,000 shots per day per line! Lastly, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has a former Dean Foods facility that is dedicated to hot fill and cold fill beverages. One of the reasons for that turnkey depth is our 70,000-square-foot facility, which is equipped with the most advanced drink bottling machinery available. We operate three filling lines, configurable for a wide variety of PET plastic or glass bottle shapes and sizes. We are also versatile, as demonstrated by our ability to hot fill or cold fill with flash pasteurization – a combination of services that few drink bottlers can match. Our quality control/quality assurance measures are second to none among drink bottlers.

As a turnkey manufacturer, attention is given to the requirements of each client starting from the formula all the way up to the finished product. The manufacturing facilities in the (5) United States facilities house high-speed manufacturing equipment producing tablets, capsules, powders, energy shots, effervescent formulas, creams, liquid vitamins, and hot and cold-filled beverages in a variety of shapes, sizes, and bottle types Each order is processed for accuracy and within strict compliance of US FDA regulations.

By effectively manufacturing custom dosage formulations, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is the perfect partner for clients who choose to focus their attention on brand building and business development. The company’s technicians fulfill clients tableting and encapsulation specifications while offering an array of unique delivery forms to choose from. Analytical method validation and release testing is accurately performed for feasibility and stability on clinical batches.

All (5) of our facilities have been certified with “Excellence” ratings under the ASI Good Manufacturing Practices (ASI GMP) program. Since 1979, the Pennsylvania solid dosage facilty has been registered with FDA to produce OTC and Rx pharmaceuticals, and since the early 1990's for dietary supplements. The ASI GMP programs require an independent audit of our facilities, procedures, training, sanitation and personnel annually. ASI's GMP requirements are regulatory requirements that provide guidelines for necessary processes, procedures and documentation to assure the product produced has the identity, composition, purity and potency it is represented to possess.

Quick Company Facts

Quick Manufacturing Facts

Our facilities are equipped with over 50 online, production solid dose machines capable of turning out large volumes of capsules and tablets. We also have (5) High speed powder lines and (4)liquid lines. All services are performed in-house, so there is little to no delay in getting orders through production, which amounts to a significant savings to the customer without compromising quality or time. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science offers the following manufacturing capabilities:

Here are some examples of documents that USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science will share with our Partners and will provide training on, so your product file is complete and ready during an audit:

Confidentiality Agreement • Manufacturing/Supply/ Quality Agreement • Mutually agreed upon Product Specification • Raw material Specifications • Allergen statement for all raw materials • Packaging Specifications• Label and packaging materials approval • Identity tests of all raw materials • Master Manufacturing Record (MMR) • Production batch records • Finished product test • Finished product Certificate of Analysis

Our success has shown this transparency and trust is essential to protect our customer’s existing market position and provide both organizations a strong basis for new opportunities. Regulations are only becoming stricter and enforcement is now a major priority of the FDA. With the FDA treating the manufacturer and Brand Owner as a singular entity with equal liability, more than ever partnering with USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science will provide your company with a solid foundation for future growth. Let USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science be your Quality Partner for cGMP compliance, deliver value to your brand, and provide the highest quality products to your customers.