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About USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science & Sports Science

Welcome to USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science… the World's Leading Manufacturer of High-Quality Nutritional Supplements and OTC Pharmaceuticals since 1979.

For over 36 years, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has developed, manufactured and packaged dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is independently owned and two of the plants are operated by the same family that founded a division of the company in 1979. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is head-quartered in Pennsylvania. Today, the company spans the globe with a manufacturing imprint of over 400,000 sq. ft. within its four cGMP certified facilities. Our Pennsylvania facility is also FDA registered and licensed for OTC and Rx Pharmaceuticals.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has a strong history of supplying National Brand Equivalent (NBE) and basic OTC products to our valued customers. All of these items are made in our FDA and ASI audited / inspected facilities in the United States.

Our science team has decades of experience in creating unique combinations of OTC ingredients to address specific indications, whether National Brand Equivalent or customer items for your specific market. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has a library of items available in different packaging options to satisfy your needs. All items are rigorously created and tested in our FDA registered laboratory and must pass identification, organoleptic, assay and stability testing before being released to market.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is one of the only dietary supplement companies and OTC pharmaceutical companies that are vertically integrated. Through its subsidiary “USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science Limited” has direct access to one of the world's largest active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturers and botanical extraction facilities. This relationship makes USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science one of only a few global dietary supplement and generics drug companies with a comprehensive, vertically integrated supply chain. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science Limited operates multiple state-of-the-art API facilities located in China. They operate with the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. The facilities are certified by many global regulatory bodies. Our research and development (R&D) facilities around China, with a workforce of more than 200 scientists, relentlessly innovate new technologies to develop API’s, Nutraceuticals, and Botanical extracts. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science today employs over 500 of the most highly skilled, experienced professionals in the industry and to date has commercialized over 2,500 products.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science Sets the Standards for High-Quality Nutritional Supplements and OTC Pharmaceuticals. All USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science products are manufactured in the USA under the watchful eyes of our quality control experts at our ultra- sophisticated facilities conveniently located throughout the country.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science’ in-process quality control system ensures that every supplement or OTC drug manufactured meets the highest standards for quality, purity and performance. This consistency is assured through the use of the finest quality raw materials and rigorous product testing before, during and after manufacturing.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science revolutionary line of Nutraceutical products is at the forefront of the dietary supplement industry. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is a leader and innovator of natural, proprietary, and athletic performance products. We boast a portfolio of over 100 state-of-the-art nutritional supplements and OTC Pharmaceuticals that offers real solutions in the areas of healthcare, vitamins and minerals, muscle and strength development and weight loss. We are dedicated to setting a higher standard of scientific excellence for the dietary supplement industry.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science "Private Label" flexibility has caused many companies to turn to us to custom manufacture their products to their exact specifications. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is able to handle any size customer, whether large or small, with as few as 100 bottles on some of our stock formulas. For larger companies, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has the capacity to meet their demands as well. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science keeps thousands of raw materials in stock to enable us to turn most custom formulations within 2-3 weeks.

In fact, recently a large dietary supplement marketer turned to us for a Garcinia Cambogia supplement as their current manufacturers could not keep up with their demand. We produced 67 million capsules in the first month (over 1 million bottles) without affecting our other customers. Since that time we have earned almost two-thirds of their overall production on dozens of items. In another case a large sports nutritional marketer turned to us for a launch of a new series of whey protein. We produced over 1 million pounds of product in a month a dropped shipped to their customers such as: GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Europa, and on their behalf enabling them to save over $250,000 on freight by not having to move to heavy proteins twice.

Whether you are a company looking for a quality manufacturer to meet your "Private Label" needs, or a consumer looking for the best dietary supplements on the market….It's time for change. Compare, ingredient for ingredient, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science manufactures products that are one better than the competition! Give USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science a try and we will not disappoint you.