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PackagingUSA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science began as a contract packager over 36 years ago and has extensive knowledge and experience providing both nutritional and pharmaceutical packaging. We know our experience in this area would benefit your business, as our fully integrated packaging facility can eliminate many production delays and extra shipping charges.
Our bottling lines can process up to 500 million finished bottles per year, including HDPE, PET, and Glass bottles. We have (2) high speed beverage lines that can do hot or cold fill of various size bottles. We also have (2) shot lines for 2-4 ounce energy shots that have output of 350 bottles per minute. We offer induction sealing, neck banding, and full body sleeves as well as a range of labeling options.

Solid Dose Packaging Lines

At USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science, our pharmaceutical packaging lines are designed with the highest quality and a core commitment to meeting our client’s objectives most efficiently. With our highly-trained staff, detailed scheduling process, and innovative packaging equipment, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science works to advance and optimize your product through scientific and customized approaches.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Sciences packaging capability includes:

The packaging lines incorporate:

PackagingFlexible packaging such as foil-laminate pouches, heat sealed laminates, and strip packaging are a cost-effective solution for packaging powders, solids, and packaging medical devices.

Our Blister packaging capacity is one of the industry's best as we can fill up to 250 million cards per year in 2 count to 30 count blister cards of various sizes, and our post production assembly team can prepare even the most complicated retail display packaging. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science can also do over 150 million pacquettes for tablets and capsules.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science distinguishes its pharmaceutical packaging line by its flexible customer service process. We understand the importance of our clients’ business and the dynamic nature of the drug development process and the needs of dietary supplement companies. Our packaging associates are highly experienced and offer our customers comprehensive services. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science takes ownership of our clients’ projects and develops long-lasting partnerships aimed at finding optimal product solutions with our multiple packaging options.