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TabletingIn the last five years, USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has manufactured over 1,000 clinical and commercial oral solid dose batches, with expertise in hard to compress compounds. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Sciences oral solid dose manufacturing facility is FDA compliant and has extensive experience with a variety of oral solid dosage forms. Whether you require clinical or commercial supplies, we provide the resources, experience and sense of urgency to meet your needs. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has a variety of tablet presses with both B and D tooling to offer a wide range of shapes and sizes to our customers. Types of tablets that we can offer include chewable, coated, enteric, slow release, bi-layer and sublingual. In accordance with our quality control procedures, all tablet production is carefully monitored to ensure that correct size, weight, hardness, friability and dissolution are maintained through each individual production batch manufactured. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Sciences Tablet Manufacturing is second to none in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science versatility allows our customers to tailor the specifications to suit their strengths. Our wide variety of capabilities in tablet manufacturing, as well as, tablet packaging has allowed for quicker turnover time and both large & small volume runs.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has (45) tablet presses that are capable of producing 35 Billion Tablets annually.

TabletingWe have presses from Manesty, Kilian, Elizabeth Hata, Stokes, and Cadmach. For example, we have (1) Manesty Elite 800 75 station press which will run 800,000 tablets per hour and will also run bi-layer and osmotic bi-layer tablets. We also have (5) Kilian 55- 67 station B tooled presses that run most of our OTC Pharmaceutical products . We also have (5) Stokes 65 station B tooled presses dedicated to Aspirin and other OTC products. We have (8) High speed D tooled presses for both Guafenesin type products and multi-vitamin tablets for the supplement industry. We have over (20) 16-35 station B tooled presses for most of our dietary supplement runs.

Bi-Layer Tableting
USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has expanded on the range of tablet form manufacturing services available by offering Bi-Layer Tablet Form technology. Bi-Layer Tablet technology offers a variety of applications including Extended Release and Immediate Release delivery systems for greater consumer benefits. Ideal for formulations that contain ingredients which may go into dissolution too quickly to receive the adequate dosage for optimum benefit, Extended Release assists in providing delivery of the active ingredient over an extended period of time. For formulations which contain active ingredients that are more effective when delivered quickly, Immediate Release assists in providing delivery of the active ingredient with an immediate release to dissolution for faster benefits. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has one triple layer press that will compress 3 layers into one tablet!