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Liposome Rx® Proprietary Technology

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has developed a proprietary encapsulation technology for solid-dosage forms. Liposome Rx® Technology is a liposomal system used to encapsulate pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical active ingredients. As an oral delivery system, Liposome Rx® Technology has been demonstrated to enhance performance characteristics.

Potential benefits of Liposome Rx®

Liposome Rx® microvesicles can be formed from many bio-compatible, single-tailed amphiphiles, as well as phopholipids. Liposome Rx® microvesicles have up to seven bilayer membranes, each composed of these amphiphilic molecules, surrounding a large amorphous core. The core accounts for most of the Liposome Rx® vesicle volume, providing a high capacity for water soluble and water immiscible substances, as well as some small solid particles. Because of these unique traits, Liposome Rx® microvesicles have many advantages over other liposomes.

Liposome Rx® microvesicles are generally 100-1000 nanometers in size, depending upon a wide variety of membrane constituents individually chosen for each particular purpose. Their size distribution is very uniform, and encapsulation efficiency can be nearly 100% for lipid cargo and 85% for aqueous materials. Finely divided insoluble particles (ie. titanium dioxide, insoluble pharmaceuticals) can also be encapsulated. Liposome Rx® microvesicles are inherently stable, and can be tailored to be stable at wide pH ranges. With the incorporation of Liposome Rx® the chemists and engineers at USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science can help you develop a one-of-a- kind Sports Nutrition product or a wide array of pharmaceuticals.