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USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science provides quality control and analytical development services focused on accelerating lead times and product development.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science contract formulation and manufacturing services team is uniquely positioned as an integrated formulation manufacturing company dedicated to providing quality services to the pharmaceutical, Sports Nutrition, and Nutraceutical industries. We specialize in solid-dose pharmaceuticals, OTC and Rx products, and Sports Nutrition powder supplements. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science offers a full range of services: formulation and methods development, analytical support, scale-up, commercial manufacturing and packaging. Our services are adaptable to your needs: formulation work only, bulk manufacturing, or full turnkey production.

At USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science, quality is the most important product that we produce. Our mission is to become one of the top five leading companies in the generic solid dose OTC and Rx drug market, and be the top Sports Supplement manufacturer in the United States.. We are also committed to providing the highest degree of quality services to our own USA Pharmaceuticals label products and to our contract manufacturing and formulation service customers. We manufacture all of our USA Pharmaceuticals-Label products ourselves in our 135,000 square foot facility in Pennsylvania.

Analytical chemists develop and validate laboratory methodologies, monitor ongoing stability, and support the formulation and manufacturing process throughout development and commercialization. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Sciences R&D and Q.C. lab utilize some of the most advanced scientific equipment available such as UPLC, UPLC-MS, ICP, ICP-MS, DSC, TGA, and LC-MS. This equipment is used to characterize active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and finished product which aids our scientists in formulating stable and scalable dosage forms. Having this advanced capability results in reliable data and dependable results.

Analytical development services include: