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USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is a family of diverse people from all walks of life. We work together from locations around the world to bring you a wide selection of natural health products and nutritional supplements that we proudly stand behind.

We are known in the industry as one of the first “vertically integrated” companies. This means that for each product, we strive to cover the entire process of manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and selling that product – from beginning to end – from as close to the farm or ocean or plant as we can get, to our retail partners. Our sourcing and quality control teams pay careful attention to each and every ingredient sourced from locations around the world. To assure exceptional quality, our labs test and retest raw materials, ingredients and products at multiple steps in the manufacturing process.

The amino acids, peptides, and proteins (nutraceuticals) market in North America is estimated to grow from around $290.09 million in 2014 to $388.60 million by 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.0% from 2014 to 2019. North America has witnessed the maximum number of innovations in the field of amino acids, proteins, and peptides. Innovations play a crucial role in contributing an increasing consumer base for amino acids.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has manufactured over 1,000 products, we provide a full line of specialty ingredients, such as amino acids, fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes, and functional formulations designed for today’s lifestyles. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is recognized as a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of amino-acid-based products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, health and beauty industries as well as food ingredients and consumer food products. Our supply and distribution chain brings the highest-grade amino acid products to consumers in the United States and around the world.

Our Amino Acid Technologies and Nutraceuticals are expanding science-based products to the retail market with a variety of sports nutrition, medical foods and health supplements. Our R&D staff ensure our manufacturing partners are able to tap into our advancements in science and technology through business, research and development partnerships.

The nutraceuticals market comprises two principal segments: functional foods and dietary supplements. Products include isolated nutrients, dietary supplements, and processed foods and beverages such as food, and fortified juices. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science has manufacturing capacity to fulfill whatever segment you may specialize in.

Functional foods are similar in appearance to a conventional food or beverage, are consumed as part of a normal diet, and have been demonstrated to have physiological benefits or to reduce the risk of chronic diseases beyond basic nutritional functions. Functional foods can also promote growth and development and enhance performance, and can take many forms. Some may be conventional foods with bioactive components that can now be identified and linked to positive health outcomes (e.g., soy protein, oat fiber, cranberries, tomatoes and carrot juice). Some may be fortified to enhance foods or specifically created to reduce disease risk (e.g., vitamin- and mineral-fortified cereal, folate-fortified flour and grain products, calcium-enriched orange juice or milk, phytosterol-fortified spreads, and yogurt with living bacteria culture).

Dietary supplements are foodstuffs whose purpose is to supplement the normal diet and that are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, alone or in combination, marketed in pharmaceutical dose form and administered orally. Dose forms include capsules, pastilles, tablets, pills and other similar forms, sachets of powder, ampoules of liquids, drop dispensing bottles, and other similar forms of liquids and powders designed to be taken in measured small unit quantities. Dietary supplements include all products that can be purchased by the consumer without a prescription.
The following pie chart shows world consumption of nutraceuticals at the retail level:

The 2013 global nutraceuticals market at the retail level is poised to grow at an average annual rate of 6–8% during 2013–2018. Functional foods represent the largest and fastest growing segment worldwide, projected to grow at an average annual rate of almost 7.5% to 2018. The global dietary supplement market is expected to grow at a rate of about 6% to 2018. The functional food segment accounts for the majority of the world nutraceuticals market, with a share of 73% in 2013, and is expected to retain its leading position to 2018.

Nutraceutical ingredients are found as components of foods or in other ingestible forms that have been determined to be beneficial to the human body in preventing or treating one or more diseases or improving physiological performance. Nutraceutical ingredients are components of plants, animals, or microorganisms and also include synthetic variants of natural nutraceuticals sold in the form of pills, capsules or powders, or in other medicinal forms not usually associated with food. A nutraceutical ingredient is demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or to provide protection against chronic disease. Essential nutrients can be considered nutraceuticals if they provide benefit beyond their essential role in normal growth or maintenance of the human body. Examples are the antioxidant properties of vitamins C and E.

Nine major segments of nutraceutical ingredients we manufacture are in the following segments:

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is a pioneer in the development and application of fermentation technology and maintains an ongoing commitment to research, developing innovative new products and quality management. USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is committed to producing pure products of the highest quality for life-enhancing benefits. Decades of research and refinement have gone into developing our standards and methods of purification. Our principal suppliers are constantly striving to provide new and innovative ingredients for the nutraceutical market. In many cases, these are unique, branded ingredients that provide our customers with the edge when developing formulations aimed at a specific target market.