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Diet & Energy Aids

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science know-how on engineering particles to perform to a specific end-use application is second-to-none when it comes to Diet & Energy aids, including beverages, hard gelatin capsules, energy drinks and powders, and tablets.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science product development process combines current and leading edge technology, utilizing innovative techniques, such as granulation/agglomeration, layering and coatings of a wide range of ingredients and particle sizes.

USA Pharmaceuticals & Sports Science is the leading source for manufacturing Diet & Energy supplements in powder, liquid, energy shots, capsules or tablets for supporting a variety of health issues. Our capabilities include the manufacturing of chewable tablets, fast–melt tablets, and much more!

From production to package design to on-site warehousing, fulfillment, and drop shipping, we are your one-stop solution for Diet & Energy manufacturing!

Process Capabilities: